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Quantum ePendants

The Quantum ePendant.. an energy tool so unique... so powerful... to embrace it is to positively change your life forever. Connect to Source 24/7 and manifest the life you choose. 30 years in the making... Experience a feeling of connection and energy flow that is empowering, focused and loving. Life changing, because it conducts the Source of life itself. 100% Guaranteed.

What the Quantum ePendant can do for you:
  • Be empowered to manifest your intent
  • Magnify the flow of Divine Love and Joy
  • Increase your vitality and mental clarity
  • Reduce stress, anxiety & negative thoughts
  • Raise consciousness and understanding
  • Be able to see yourself and make changes
  • Expand your intuition and synchronicities
  • Overcome fears and dissolve blockages
  • Improve health and wellbeing
Understanding the ePendant:

The ePendant opens a flow of energy from Source to support one of our greatest opportunities, to become a conduit for Divine Love. Allowing this energy to flow is critical to your well-being and happiness.

Through applied kinesiology we've demonstrated to thousands of people that in spite of blockages created by chemical toxins, electrostress and negative emotions like fear, wearing the ePendant helps you overcome all difficulties and connects you to your true source of power and knowing.

To remain connected to higher consciousness without the support of the ePendant is very diffiicult, because of blockages, distractions and lack of full inner strength. An energy influx is always needed to change states of matter (heat added to ice = water). The ePendant is your energy conduit that allows "big" you to work with "little" you to change your state of being. As your stress, denials and fears dissolve, everything you desire starts to flow into your life.

"These ePendants are extraordinary tools that enhance health and inner awareness."
- Carolyn Myss, New York Times Bestselling author Invisible Acts of Power, Sacred Contracts, Why People Don't Heal, and Anatomy of the Spirit.

"I experienced a reduction of stress and tension while simultaneously having more mental clarity and focus. I feel more on purpose. The flow of conincidence and intuition has also increased tremendously. My communication with others has become straighter and more direct. The earth face allows me to feel peaceful, centered and heart full. Turning it over is like flipping a switch to become more energized and mentally focused." - Dr. Marcia Smith, C.A.

Technology behind the ePendant:

For over 20 years Gregory Hoag has been designing and placing thousands of Sacred Geometric antenna systems around the planet. He is now using them as wave guides to direct energy from the level of Source to a collection point in Colorado with 3 aligned double peaked mountains and 12 vortexs. The energy is then directed through the Earth grid system to be picked up by the 12 antenna systems within the ePendant as a constant flow of Spiritual Energy. This flow generates a polarity like a magnet to create relaxation and grounding on one side or higher connection and mental focus on the other.

Experience it yourself! Shipping is usually around 5 business days.

Gold Original ePendant - 1½" diamater

Star Face - Moonstone
Earth Face - Turquoise

Bonus: Includes matching necklace

Gold Sports ePendant - 1" diameter
Star Face - Moonstone
Earth Face - Turquoise

Bonus: Includes matching necklace

Silver Original ePendant
Star Face - Moonstone
Earth Face - Turquoise

Bonus: Includes matching necklace

Investment: $300
June Clearance
 Sale Price: $245

Investment: $270

: $280

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