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Hear What They Say...

Grace & Ki Lin are the founders of TLC Wellness specialized in providing wellness solutions for people living in a fast paced lifestyle; including optimum wellness products, wellness consultations & coaching, quantum hypnotherapy, week of wellness retreats, experiential wellness seminars and events.

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TLC Wellness Products

“Your ‘water filtration system’ and ‘optimizer’ are incredible!  Thanks so much for sharing the latest wellness technology; allowing me to feel more energetic and enjoy my life even more!” - Alexandra Yung, Owner of Creasians

TLC Wellness Coaching

"Ki Lin is a surprise! His depth of knowledge and level of communication goes well beyond his years. The insights he provided got to the crux of my questions and provided me with key information helping me in my next steps -- I highly and eagerly recommend him to you." - David Anttony, Owner of Bouncing Olive, Australia

"I have experienced Ki Lin's unique gift of wisdom, sincerity, trust and profound knowledge that has allowed me to rediscover my true potential. My path and transformation began unfolding, taking me to a spiritual and inspirational level that I never thought possible. Ki Lin is an outstanding business and life coach." - Vicki Prout - High Profile Executive Media, Australia

Quantum Hypnotherapy

"I can't help but feel complete gratitude for meeting Ki Lin and Grace. The whole experience was so amazingly light. From the session that I had with Ki Lin I feel completely transformed. I have had many waves of bliss, so many more positive thoughts, so much more love emanating from my vibrational field. I feel as though I am looking at the world through another set of eyes. I have more clarity and definitely more confidence in the my healing practice. I feel like my heart is even more open and receptive to gifts from the divine. Thank you so much!" - Brenda Schimdt, Hawaii

TLC Wellness Seminars & Events

“Ki Lin gave me the tools that will heal my life.”

“ Ki Lin is my compass, he aids me to direction of my life”


“ The course has given me the opportunity to create the success that I am searching for in my life.”

Chao Praya Holistic Retreat

“My stay at TLC Wellness Centre & Holistic Retreat was more than I could have ever imagined or expected. From my arrival, my transformational experience began, allowing me to purify my mind, body and spirit; enlivening my relationships, business and overall life holistically. Thank you, TLC Wellness, for all your loving support and divine guidance!” -
Rosie Innes, Holistic Consultant of SolarWind, UK

Week of Wellness Retreat

"It was a complete wellness experience for mind, body & spirit. I enjoyed the spiritual experience the most."
- Louise Taylor

"The experience of all the activities were so enlightening that they were very transformational. I enjoyed the Full Moon Meditation the most. The programme was much more than just a detox." - Merrin Pearse

"The detox was why I wanted to be here, and to cleanse my mind and some other areas; transformation truly happened. My skin feels and look smoother and hydrated. This was a very deep transformation... I always remember, very powerful!" -Maxine Gardner

"Each part of the program would have been great individually as a workshop, and the enhanced outcome of them packaged together in such a special place at such a magical time. Thanks you. Day Four was extra special for me, every aspect was amazing and has made such a huge difference to me and my life."- Helen Bichel

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